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Fans usually have a strong enough interest that some changes in their lifestyles are made to accommodate devotion to the focal object. Fans have a desire for external involvement – they are motivated to demonstrate their involvement with the area of interest through certain behaviors . Fans often have a "wish to acquire" material objects related to the area of interest, such as a baseball hit by a famous slugger or a used guitar pick from their musical hero. As well, some fans have a desire for social interaction with other fans. This again may take many forms, from casual conversation, e-mail, chat rooms, and electronic mailing lists to regular face-to-face meetings such as fan club meetings and organized conventions. A fan is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a genre, a book, a movie or an entertainer. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom.
Kirk Baltz

Lauren Byrnes

All we have are choices. We choose how we want to act and react. I believe the greatest thing in life, is that we choose who we end up becoming

Actress & Singer
Philippe Brenninkmeyer

Kristen Bell

Maria Bello

Emmanuelle Beart

Jessica Biel

Emily Blunt

Meredith Baxter

Amy Brenneman

Diora Baird

Saffron Burrows

Humphrey Bogart
His performances in Classical Hollywood cinema films made him an American cultural icon
Alicia Banit

Agnes Bruckner

Kate Bosworth

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